Perth Australian Sea Lion

Perth Australian Sea Lion surprise today as a very friendly and informative female came over to say hello and have a chat! She was munching on a delicious (and massive!) Spangled Emperor as we discussed how the day was going and asked if she had noticed any of those noisy cetaceans swimming around close by. It appeared she had not seen any either and during her busy foraging had not noticed much Humpback Whale activity around. The end of Humpback season 2019 is drawing to a close soon and it appears we will be seeing a much earlier end to the season this year. Last season whales were sighted right up to December 3rd and this year we may be seeing the last of our Humpbacks heading south a couple of weeks earlier than usual.

Humpbacks are still moving through and we will continue to see what the next few days bring, the traffic of the whale migration is just like a freeway and you will see groups move through and then a slight break in the traffic. Today was one of those breaks and in the next few hours further whales will continue to move down the coastline leaving a very exciting morning tomorrow as we head out and see who is waiting to be discovered. A lovely time spent with our friendly female Perth Australian Sea Lion and although she didn’t want to share any of her sashimi breakfast, it was nice to have a chat and see what the latest happenings were going on in her watery world!

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