Perth Blue Whales

Perth Blue Whales are gathering in the Perth Canyon to feast on the abundant krill available as two giants of the deep emerged along with playful dolphins. It was a picture perfect morning as we made our way past Rottnest Island and the ruffling of white water indicated Bottlenose Dolphins were on the move. Powering along with ease they quickly came over for bow riding as a tiny calf joined in with mum for some morning social fun. Wishing them well for their day ahead a short time later a powerful blow soared skywards as the ocean around it glowed an unmistakable turquoise blue. A truely incredible sight to observe as an enormous Blue Whale surfaced with ease and was in no hurry on this beautiful Perth autumn morning.

Settling in for the day our beautiful Blue Whale kept a steady and reliable rhythm as we counted down the minutes to each surfacing. A very friendly individual, each surfacing would appear right alongside us and never far away as we matched in with the energy of this unique whale. Rounding out for the food that awaited in the depths below we watched as the peduncle arch just kept going and going until gracefully the enormous seven metre wide fluke lifted! A brilliant sight to see and incredible to watch something so enormous lift effortlessly before disappearing. It appeared that this particular Blue Whale may have had a previous entanglement or interaction with Orca as the dorsal fin had been sheered away leaving a smooth area where a dorsal fin once belonged. A very special day with such a peaceful and gentle Blue Whale who enjoyed our time of cruising through the Perth Canyon. A second Blue Whale a couple of mile away was also moving through the area efficiently along with a boisterous gathering of Striped, Common and Spinner Dolphins getting up to mischief in the beautiful waters off the coast of Perth today.

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