Perth Blue Whales, Humpback and Dolphins

Perth Blue Whales, Humpback and Dolphins made for a very special day out in the Perth Canyon as we were surrounded by cetaceans. It was another fantastic start to the weekend as we departed Fremantle and made our way past Rottnest Island with a cool chill to the air as the days close in on the beginning of winter. A calm sea and gentle winds kept us company all day as we arrived to the activity of a medley of Dolphins surrounding the Steep Point. Striped, Common, Spinner and Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were all travelling together and very excitable as they raced over for morning greetings. It was clear they were busy tracking down breakfast as schools of baitfish bubbled close to the oceans surface as Albatross, Shearwaters and Gannets kept close to the speedy dolphins. It is always wonderful to see any wildlife feeding as it is vital to their survival and this morning the Dolphins were enjoying a breakfast buffet of fresh seafood.

A short distance away the lofty exhale of a Blue Whale appeared and we approached for a closer look. The large individual appeared to be on the move and as we tracked along the preferred travel contour we were thrilled to see yet another species of cetacean appear, a yearling Humpback Whale! Swimming directly towards us and very curious the youngster swam around the Steep Point for a closer inspection and we were thrilled to meet this little one. The first of the Humpback Whales are slowly starting to move up the coastline and generally we will see mothers/yearlings, young teenage males and newly separated yearlings arriving first. The very curious Humpback had approached the area with interest and we soon found out why as just ahead of him a tall blow appeared yet again, it was a Blue Whale. A large adult and absolutely beautiful we were very excited to see that this Blue had found krill and was feasting happily in this little pocket of the feeding grounds.

Relaxed at the surface we could hear and see the powerful exhalations  and inhalations required to prepare for each foraging dive. Lifting the enormous seven metre wide fluke gracefully the extra momentum resulted in a waterfall of whitewater and cheers as this beautiful moment in the animal kingdom is always extraordinary to observe. Multiple tail dives later we could see that our beautiful Blue had found a bonanza of krill and was happily honing in on the area with each feeding dive tallying towards the 2-3 tonnes of food this whale will consume today. Our day was completed perfectly as the Dolphins returned on our journey back towards Rottnest Island with some wake riding as their full bellies appeared to be slowing them down after a full day of feeding. It was a wonderful day to be out on the water and meet so many different species enjoying the plentiful abundance that the Perth Canyon has to offer.

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