Perth Canyon Blue Whale Research Safari

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Research Safari with Whale Watch Western Australia departs during the autumn months to witness the largest creatures to have ever graced our planet. Today we enjoyed a cool morning breeze as we departed Fremantle and could see one of the very impressive Navy logistic vessels making its way down towards Garden Island which is home to one of our Navy bases. Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins greeted us first amongst multiple schools of baitfish as they feasted, it looked to have been a good morning of feeding as they raced our way. Excitable and playful it always is good to see Dolphins with food in their bellies as a few Common and Spinner Dolphins were also enjoying the plentiful food this morning. A tall, lofty blow was quickly followed by a second and then a third, the Blue Whales had arrived in force! The first pod contained one young adult as the second pod surfaced a short time later with two large Blue Whales indicating we likely had an escort pod by the behaviour we were observing.

The male travelled closely to the female as they swam together within a few meters and as we approached them we noticed the younger adult surface right alongside the Steep Point. Moving straight towards the escort pod he seemed curious and spent his swim of over a kilometre cruising alongside us and showing off every beautiful detail. The journey towards the other pod meant that this curious Blue didn’t need to dive and it is always incredible to see the magnificent turquoise blue glow and a grand example of why they were named Blue Whales. It wasn’t just these two pods enjoying the plentiful krill as a further four Blue Whales were observed feeding in the area and the others were all travelling individually as they often do for most of their adult life. It isn’t all solitary time though as the Blues will often take the opportunity during their time visiting the Perth Canyon to meet other Blues and it is the perfect location for males to court female Blue Whales before their departure towards the Banda Sea. A wonderful time enjoying the company of so many Blue Whales today and fantastic to see them all feasting happily in the Perth Canyon.

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