Perth Canyon Blue Whale Season Finale

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Season finale was celebrated on a beautiful Mother’s Day as we enjoyed the company of Pilot Whales, Striped Dolphins and magnificent Blue Whales. A gentle cloud cover was a perfect setting to begin our search as calm conditions and a boiling sea of pilchards were observed as we moved past Rottnest Island. A few of the local Bottlenose Dolphins were enjoying the abundance of food available to them as Gannets dived amongst the smaller Crested Terns which caused the pilchards to move erratically. A great indicator of food in the area as we pushed out to deeper water and scanned the Indian Ocean carefully for signs of life. Chunky dorsal fins and wispy eye patches first caught our attention as a recognisable face appeared and we smiled to see many Pilot Whales heading our way. Our last sighting of Pilot Whales in the Perth Canyon was all the way back in 2019 so it was a wonderful opportunity to see them again today and enjoy some time hanging out with these beautiful creatures.  Relaxed and travelling they all appeared to be very much aware that there was plenty of food about today as they covered ground with ease and the 50-60 strong pod continued onwards. 

Our next sighting was shortly after as another unique dolphin species raced towards us, the Stripies were in town! Launching themselves clear of the ocean below they surrounded the bow within moments and were in a very enthusiastic and playful mood. A couple of individuals decided to practice their dance moves as they breached backwards next to the bow and appeared to be “moonwalking” which was very amusing to see. It was a high energy time with the dolphins today but amongst their feeding ground they had located a much larger creature was also feasting on the krill below, a Blue Whale. The tall and lofty exhale gracefully rose skywards as we watched on with two Blue Whales feeding in the same location which they will often do once a good krill patch is found. One individual in particular was very relaxed and completing efficient feeding dives before returning to the surface and showing off the stunning size and beauty a Blue Whale posses. It was a fantastic way to complete what has been another wonderful Blue Whale season and now as the last of the Blues make their way through the Perth Canyon it is now time for the Humpback Whales to take over the coastline, see you in Augusta!

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