Perth City Whale Watching

Perth City Whale Watching to sight the Humpback Whales is best during September through to early December as we sight the southern migration of the Humpbacks. Slightly overcast conditions cleared to sunshine later on in the morning as our first sighting appeared and it was a relaxed Humpback pec slapping away as a large ship moved past. The contrast of the sky, colourful ship and our playful whale was beautiful and we watched as the powerful pectorals lifted up before sinking back down into the ocean, leaving a large splash behind. Further pods were all around as we sighted mothers, calves and their male escorts shuffling about the resting grounds. The females seemed focused on feeding their calves and resting this morning as the protective male escorts kept a close eye on proceedings and ensured no one approached their girls.

It was inevitable that soon some of these pods would begin to converge and the tail slap to our left followed up by the calf peduncle slap directly in front of us gave the change of energy away. A curious pod of two bachelor males had ventured into the area and suddenly we had mother, calf and male escort racing over to our vessel for a distraction. Swimming straight past us and incredibly close, we then had the two bachelor males surface close behind. A quick bubble veil by the male escort seemed to distract the curious bachelors for just long enough as the little family pod swam alongside us once more to gain a bigger reactionary distance. It worked, as the bachelors lost track of them and before they new it were alone again next to us and seeming slightly confused. Intelligence won this time and mother, calf and her escort gained a nice distance from the bachelors who began to move through the sighting grounds in search of another pod.

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