Perth Humpback Season 2023 Finale

Perth Humpback Season 2023 Finale today as we bid farewell to our wonderful friends after yet another incredible season in their company. It was a perfect morning for the last tour of season 2023 as we departed Sardine Jetty in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and cruised out to the sighting grounds amongst a calm sea and big blue sky. Scanning the horizon carefully we observed a tall, lofty blow and made our way towards the pod. Travelling in migration mode and at a steady pace we could see much to our surprise and enjoyment that we had joined with a bachelor pod of three males. Two of the males seemed to be good mates and swam side by side while the third was trying to get closer. He may have only just recently joined this pod as although the two mates accepted his company they weren’t too keen in having him swim very closely with them. The older and larger of the three would direct a couple of gentle fluke slaps to the younger male just to make sure he maintained a respectful distance.

Further pods were also on the move including a couple of mum and calf pods along with a lone male. The focus and energy today was all about the next stage of their journey as amongst the pods observed only one was resting quietly as all others were on the move south. It has been a remarkable season and today completed a 100% sighting rate as we observed Humpback Whales onboard every tour since the 25th May, outstanding consistency from our marvellous Humpback Whales. The population is thriving and it makes our family and team smile everyday as we see the Humpbacks doing so well and in turn many other species benefiting from the Humpback Whales successful population recovery. A big thank you to all of our Pod Members who joined us for the last tour of Season 2023 and it was a perfect way to complete a most wonderful year. Stay tuned for more as we wrap up Season 2023 and get ready for Season 2024!

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