Perth Humpback Training Grounds

Perth Humpback training grounds are a very important part of the southbound migration as calves learn skills, socialise and most importantly practice the Language of the Whales. A warm morning greeted us as silky calm conditions made for perfect travelling speeds out to the sighting grounds and it didn’t take long before we were once again amongst the whales. Mothers and calves were quietly shuffling through the resting grounds and we observed two mothers and calves enjoying some social time together. The little ones were all excited and fluke swiping towards each other with a couple of gentle but cheeky tail lobs. The mothers were showing their calves around the Perth Humpback training grounds and one very important area amongst the waiting ships. A good sound footprint is produced by these vessels while they are at anchor and the mother whales know this and can utilise that sound to their benefit. 

It was part of the learning process today as the mothers approached very closely to the ship and the calves looked absolutely tiny in comparison. Today was very interesting though as during the approach the large ship started motors and the mothers responded quickly noticing that the vessel may soon be underway. Pivoting quickly and swimming towards us before travelling underneath and to the safety on the other side it was fantastic to see such an important lesson taught to the calves in how to stay safe around this area once the large ships start moving. All settling in for a rest we moved out to our second pod as a cheeky and very healthy calf practiced some tail lobs. Always great to see such a young calf full of confidence, enthusiasm and health with mother whale looking in good shape also. Wishing them well for their journey ahead we made our way back through the Perth Humpback training grounds with many lessons learnt not only by our calves today but also our Pod Members onboard.

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