Perth Humpback Whale Resting Grounds


Perth Humpback Whale resting grounds are a vital component of a successful migration as they visit to rest, relax and have fun in the calm waters off the coast of Perth. A beautiful day was ahead of us as light winds and a calm sea was enjoyed throughout today. Departing aboard the Steep Point from Fremantle we made our way towards the Perth Humpback Whale resting grounds as a mother and calf pod were sighted quietly cruising past as an escort pod surfaced jus ahead. A protective male escort was cruising with his female calmly as they both searched for a perfect spot to settle in for an early afternoon siesta. A large ship moving though the resting grounds caused an adorable Humpback calf to begin breaching as the little one practiced repeatedly as mother whale watched on and the local Bottlenose Dolphins cruised past.

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Departing Hillarys Boat Harbour aboard Whale Watch 1 this afternoon we made the most of the beautiful afternoon conditions as we cruised into the Perth Humpback Whale resting grounds. A small blow was spotted just ahead as a much larger one quickly followed as mother and calf were moving and on a mission. It appeared they were preparing for the storm arriving tomorrow as they slowly made their way towards Rottnest Island. Mother and calf were relaxed and travelling calmly before she decided to take a quick break and allow her calf to have a good meal of milk. The little one circled at the surface before diving back down, a great indication that he was feeding with mum just below. Feeding completed they continued onwards towards Rottnest in search of sheltered waters that will be perfect before the onshore conditions arrive tomorrow. Another beautiful day whale watching off Fremantle and Hillarys meeting some of the newest members of the WA Humpback population in the Perth Humpback Whale resting grounds.

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