Perth Humpback Whales

The start of the southern migration brings many young whales who are almost at or have just reached maturity. These young whales range from 9-12 meters in length and are not only full of youthful enthusiasm but also wonderful curiosity and love to investigate all that is in their surroundings. These two happy whales today seemed very keen on coming over as they made a “bee-line” towards us and and surprised everyone as they surfaced only meters away announcing their arrival with their trademark whoosh as they emptied 90% of their lung capacity into the air.

Spending some quality time with everyone onboard they circled our vessel and would move a little further away in front of us and then return again, almost as if they had left something behind or perhaps they were encouraging us to follow them as they cruised through the calm and protected waters off Perth. Both looking to be in fantastic health being later on in the season and a while away from Antarctica, we are sure these two will have a very prosperous summer feeding season and fingers crossed that we get to meet our two new best friends again next season!

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