Perth Humpbacks and Dolphins

Perth Humpbacks and Dolphins were having an absolute blast today as they rolled, chased and played in the waters off Perth. It was the calm before the storm as we had a great morning to spend with our cetacean friends. Firstly it was all about the Humpback Whales as three juveniles surfaced together and it was playtime. Two males and a female were enjoying some social time as they twisted and turned trying to keep up with each other. The boys were ever so slightly competitive as they reflected the behaviours often seen during the peak of the northern migration. A little push and shove to get closer to the female was all part of the fun as flirty exchanges could be seen between the three curious and playful Humpback Whales.

Just as it looked like the social interaction couldn’t get any better the local Bottlenose Dolphins decided it was time to join the party. The fun increased as the excitement levels could be heard as the trumpeting was loud with each noisy exhalation. Humpbacks can control this sound and the trumpeting will increase whenever there is excitement or agitation. Today it was all happy trumpeting as the Bottlenose Dolphins challenged the Humpbacks to keep up with them as their nimble and acrobatic skills were put on show. All three Humpback Whales loved the opportunity to socialise with the dolphins today and it was clear to see they were all having so much fun. Perth Humpbacks and Dolphins were a joy to spend time with today and see them making the most of the good weather before the weekend storms.

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