Perth Sea Lion

Watching the Perth Sea Lion fun this morning as they twisted and turned in the turquoise waters on a peaceful morning. Australian Sea Lions are endemic to Australia and we are very fortunate to have twenty seven islands in Western Australia that these puppy like characters call home. Hard workers, Sea Lions will often travel for a few days at sea in search of food which can include fish, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, crayfish, small sharks and even penguins. No rest for the weary and during their time at sea it will be non stop foraging to try and fill their bellies with food as quickly as they can. Hunting in preferred feeding grounds, the Perth Sea Lion become very good at getting to know their local environment and areas that are more profitable at certain times of the year for their hunting and foraging.

Today we watched three male Australia Sea Lions frolic in the sunshine and show off their speed and agility. An immensely curious species, it didn’t take long before all three swam over to check us out. The chocolaty brown complexion is highlighted by a rather impressive blonde mohawk style hairdo distinctive to the males. At one point is looked like there was an affectionate smooch between the two! This nose to nose behaviour is often used to exchange scents and can be similar to dogs sniffing tails, sharing information in a very specialised scent way. Fantastic weather for the weekend ahead and we look forward to seeing what will be discovered as we near the end of Humpback Whale Season 2019.

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