Perth Telethon Whales

The whales of Western Australia must be breaching with excitement and celebrating Telethon’s 50th Anniversary which all starts this weekend. Mother and calf Humpbacks were everywhere this morning with over 12 pods sighted in very close proximity to each other which created the perfect opportunity to practice the Language of the Whales. One female in particular encouraged her calf to follow in her footprints by breaching her full 30+ tonnes clear from the surface below and her calf joined in with perfect timing.

They both continued to breach, pec slap and head lunge towards us which was very exciting as we sighted three other pods around them practicing the same surface activity. Humpback Whales were breaching all around us and it was interesting to see how each calf breached with the same style as their mum and practice does make perfect when they are copying mums picture perfect example.  Be sure to tune in tonight for the Telethon weekend and help celebrate 50 years of remarkable achievements and we look forward to seeing Telethon 2017 being a huge success and so are our whales!

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