Perth Whale Comp Pod

A Perth Whale competition pod was underway this morning as we arrived at the sightings grounds. The hustle and bustle of four powerful Humpback Whales charging through the Indian Ocean had captured our attention quickly. It is later in the season to be sighting competition pods, but the male Humpbacks are always on the lookout for any available females on the journey north or south. Attitudes between the males were starting to get quite feisty until a pod of 20+ Bottlenose Dolphins arrived and dispersed the intensity to more of a relaxed playful energy in which we witnessed many pec slaps and spy hops as the males attention went from the female to the Dolphins as the Bottlenose decided to postpone their foraging for a little while.

Twenty minutes of play was enough for the Dolphins and as they left the attention went back to the female who had been relaxing next to our vessel for a time, she picked up on the change of energy and the competition pod was on again in exerts yet at a slightly less energy level. The powerful movement of pectorals slicing through the water and flukes being lifted lightening fast above the surface at height was incredible to witness. On our departure the Perth Whale Pod was heading south of Rottnest Island and after joining their pod for over an hour and a half it was very happy, content customers and crew that enjoyed another lesson in the Language of the Whales.

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