Perth Whale Watch Tours

Perth Whale Watch tours are a perfect way to meet the amazing Western Australian Humpback Whale and today we set off for a morning of exploration to see who we would find. Breaching on the horizon first captured our attention and as we approached the mother and calf continued their surface activity for a short while. Arriving in the area we noticed two other pods close by and perhaps these whales were responsible for the previous surface activity. The mother and calf were interested in us straight away and swam directly underneath and over to our port side as they investigated. The female Humpback was around 14 meters in length and a mature female with a very healthy and happy looking calf!

They spun around and continued to curiously look over at us as they gently swam towards the bow. The young calf then decided that it was time to display his dominance as he protected his mum and “milk bar” with a few tail slaps and little tail lobs. Amazing to witness this young calf practicing the perfect Language of the Whales™ to maintain his dominance over us as his mum sleepily looked over towards our direction. Perth Whale Watch tours during the month of November will sight mostly mother and calf Humpback Whales as the majority of the single adults and escort pods have already made their journey back south during September to October. Our next interaction was with a resting mother and calf who greeted us on our journey back to Sardine Jetty and the calf cheekily wriggled his way around mum as we smiled to see yet another very healthy mother and calf pod enjoying the peaceful resting grounds off Perth.

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