Perth Whale Watching

The beautiful conditions led us towards another fantastic Perth whale watching opportunity as we met two very relaxed Humpback Whales. Seeming to be resting quietly they did not appear concerned by our company and we notice during each resurfacing they would move closer and closer towards us. Waiting patiently we enjoyed our time getting to know these two Humpback Whales and watching this male and female escort pod taking time to rest on their journey south. The next surfacing happened quickly when squeals of surprise echoed through the boat as within a matter of seconds both whales were spy hopping alongside us! Their enormous bodies gracefully lifting above the surface to get a better look at everyone as we watched in awe these beautiful whales.

Their intense focus was amazing to watch and it is always very humbling to be so close to these incredible whales during our times in Perth whale watching. They gracefully moved around our vessel, spy hopping as they went along with a few bubble veils as the male Humpback seemed concerned over how much attention the female was paying towards us. Looking carefully we could see that both whales had lost a lot of barnacles this season which is to be expected during the migration journey with many circular scars visible, however there are always a few holders on and these could be sighted on their “chin” and tips of the fluke. Also celebrating Julie and Rob’s thirty seven year wedding anniversary today and our whales must have had an inkling of today being a special occasion!

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