Perth Whale Watching in November

Perth Whale Watching in November is all about the Humpback Whale mothers and calves as today we met a boisterous pod showing us the spectacular Language of the Whales. A beautiful morning with blue skies and a turquoise sea as we made our way out to the sighting grounds. It was good to see two pods close to Rottnest Island and as we approached we could observe both mother and calf from one of the pods launching into breaching, head lunging, pec slapping and fluke slapping. It was a spectacular display as the mother whale encouraged her calf to follow as they repeated behaviours and made so much noise with white water flying. The second pod watched carefully from afar as they listened in to all of the commotion from this excitable mother and calf pod a couple of hundred meters away from them.

It was a very special opportunity to see how these resting grounds play an important role when it comes to calves learning how to communicate with surface activity/language. Eventually it was time for both mother and calf to settle in for a snooze and they chose to relax very close to us and use our sound footprint to hide from the second pod. A wonderful morning spent with this lovely Humpback family, we always enjoy Perth whale watching in November as we meet the last of the mother and calf pods heading south. It is hard to believe there are only a couple of weeks left for Humpback season 2022 after what has been a remarkable year of whale watching for our family pod. Looking forward to meeting the last of the Humpback mothers and their youngsters in the final weeks with hopefully a few more spectacular displays like this morning to enjoy in the pristine waters off Perth.

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