Perth Whale Watching Peduncle Slap Spectacular

Today we watched for over one hour peduncle slap after peduncle slap just off of the Perth beaches and we lost count after the first thirty! Remarkably, we again sighted the female Southern Right Whale and her calf from Saturday who were still enjoying some relax time very close to the Humpback Whales before they started racing towards her… three young male Humpbacks were chasing a female and her calf and things were about to get very interesting.

As these young males approached mum she started to peduncle slap which is a very aggressive behaviour in the Language of the Whales. Picking up on this energy the Southern Right and her calf moved out of the area as the Humpback pod of five started barreling towards us with all five whales now peduncle slapping together. Very quickly after we joined with their pod the energy levels dropped to a more relaxed mood as mother started to encourage her calf to practice his peduncle slap and tail slapping. With all of this incredible surface activity it was only a matter of time before two other adult Humpbacks joined after hearing powerful repercussions of the peduncle of our Humpbacks on the oceans surface. We now had seven Humpbacks peduncle slapping and to say we were speechless is a big understatement.

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