Perth Whales Breaching

It was a rather spectacular start to the day as off in the distance a female Humpback cleared the ocean with a massive head lunge and her calf quickly followed with a breach. The surface activity continued as both mother and calf breached and peduncle slapped their way towards us. The three other pods surrounding us also created some noise with a few breaches of their own as we watched this conversation of the Language of the Whales unfold in front of us.

After all this surface activity the young calf then decide he was rather hungry and disappeared below the oceans surface to have a quick feed from mum, this breaching is hard work! We also met up with an escort pod who seemed to be preparing for the next leg of their journey as they cruised towards Rottnest Island and just as we were about to say our goodbyes the male decided to give us a big pec slap wave as we wished them well for the rest of their journey.

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