Perth Whales

Perth Whales were busy today as they communicated The Language of the Whales™ in spectacular fashion. A male escort was trying his best to defend and show off to his female by breaching, peduncle slapping and continuos pec slaps. The only problem was that this female had a calf with her and her little one was her top priority. The high energy this male was producing through his surface activity lifted the energy levels of all the pods around us and everywhere we looked we could sight breaching and peduncle slaps. A few more male escorts were around this morning travelling with the mother and calf pods which increased energy levels throughout the area and encouraged the calves to join in to the conversation. Mini versions of the breaching and peduncle slaps could be seen as the calves gave it their all as they copied the males around them and learnt from some older role models.

The boisterous male escort moved in towards our vessel and as he breached right on our bow we could clearly see the Perth skyline as a beautiful backdrop to this marvellous spectacle. Perth Whales are comfortable in their environment and use the sheltered and protected waters found off the Perth coastline as resting and socialising grounds. Today was a perfect example of just how busy it can get when the males start talking to each other and bring a confidence to the resting grounds that the calves respond towards by making a bit of noise and practicing their surface activity as well. The mother and calf pods understand that when the males are around there is extra protection from predators such as sharks and orca with the male Humpbacks often assisting to keep calves safe. Fascinating to sight the difference our male Humpbacks bring whenever they arrive in town!

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