Perth Wildlife Experience

Today was a Perth wildlife experience as we met a unique and colourful variety of individuals as we enjoyed the company of playful Bottlenose Dolphins, a chilled out Loggerhead Turtle and fast moving juvenile Hammerhead Shark. The Bottlenose Dolphins were in a very playful mood as we approached and they quickly surrounded us, seeming to be very pleased to say their good mornings. Spy hopping and bubble blowing was the fun being had as they twisted and turned, playfully enjoying each others company. We left them to their antics and continued our search on another beautiful morning off the coast of Perth as we were in for an interesting journey and Perth wildlife experiences.

A strange brown shape was floating just up ahead and we wondered could this be our Australian Sea Lion from yesterday? Suddenly, a little head popped up and we gasped in surprise to see a beautiful and very large Loggerhead Turtle! He peered curiously back towards us as we watched him floating peacefully and taking in the gorgeous day. A few barnacles and algae showed that this big individual had not seen a cleaning station in a while, the help of a few hungry fish would make short work of his overgrowth. Wishing him well we joined back up with our Bottlenose Dolphins a little later on and one more surprise was in store for us today, a juvenile Hammerhead Shark! He was carefully following the Dolphins in search of a meal from any leftovers, he was adorable and scooted along the surface in his slinky shark way. Adult sharks may be closer to the top of the food chain but for this baby Hammerhead he has a lot of growing yet to be done and still needs the help of species like the Bottlenose Dolphins to provide occasional food scraps to help him get through this tougher stage of life.

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