Perth Wildlife Tour

Perth wildlife tour it was today as the Humpback calves were at play with the local Bottlenose Dolphins joining in on the fun while showing off their incredible catch, a large octopus! It was a cosy morning with perfectly still conditions and a snug cloud cover to escort us out to the sighting grounds. Nearby mums and calves rested quietly as we noticed a commotion further ahead as the Language of the Whales began to spread amongst the pods. Breaching, pec slapping and head lunging then unfolded throughout the rest of our morning as over a dozen pods socialising and communicated amongst each other enthusiastically. It is very important for the calves to not only rest but also socialise when spending some time in the waters off Perth and a big part of their growth and development. 

Today was a perfect example as the little ones were thrilled to play and practice spectacular surface language as the mother whales joined in for support and guidance. The local Bottlenose Dolphins also were having a brilliant morning as they had found an enormous octopus for breakfast. It was amazing to watch them flinging the occy across the surface to tenderise and remove the risk of the suckers catching on their throat when swallowing. A unique behaviour to witness and made even more special as the Humpback Whales approached and socialised with the dolphins enthusiastically. Perth wildlife tours with Whale Watch Western Australia are always an exciting opportunity to observe not only our visiting Humpback Whales but the many other species who call these waters home. A very special morning out with our cetaceans and a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful whales before the wind and rain settled in for the afternoon.

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