Perth’s Best Whale Watching


Perth’s best whale watching was enjoyed today onboard both our Fremantle and Hillarys departures as the Language of the Whales lit up our day. Departing the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour on the lovely Steep Point we cruised out towards the sighting grounds as Chris located our first pod for the day just up ahead. Arriving in the area it wasn’t long before we could see more and more Humpback Whales surfacing all around totalling 20+ individuals in the resting grounds. Mothers and their calves were enjoying time practicing the Language of the Whales as breaching, head lunging and peduncle slaps erupted. So many whales in one area is the perfect opportunity to observe these incredible behaviours and it was an absolute joy to see so many happy whales. The local Dolphins were also enjoying their morning as they surrounded one mother and calf pod for some social interaction and moved as an entourage with the whales.

Fremantle Tour Photos


The sun broke through as the afternoon was picture perfect for some fun on Whale Watch 1 as we departed the Hillarys Boat Harbour. It was an exciting cruise out to the sighting grounds and shortly after arriving we met up with a mother and her calf moving through the area. A pod just ahead of them created a sudden reaction from the female as she launched into an incredible breach right alongside us! The sunshine was shimmering all around her as she landed with a mighty crash and it was incredible to be water level to such a powerful behaviour. Her calf seemed very excited with mums efforts and the two continued to make good timing as they moved through the resting grounds. A third mother and calf pod were practicing some beautiful fluke slapping as they guarded their preferred spot and the calf was very coordinated as little one practiced some inverted fluke slapping as well. Our beautiful afternoon was completed with a lovely visit from the local Bottlenose Dolphins again who seemed very excited for a quick zip around Whale Watch 1 as we made our way back into the Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Hillarys Tour Photos