Perth’s Best Whale Watching

Enjoying every moment of Perth’s best whale watching today as a Humpback calf breached over 30 times over a 2.5 kilometre long distance! First sighting the Language of the Whales™ in the distance we could see the young calf breaching repeatedly towards a second pod and as we made a gentle approach he continued to breach directly towards us. The second pod seemed surprised at this little Humpbacks confidence and as he breached towards them they moved towards us until all six whales surrounded our vessel. This didn’t stop the little one from breaching and he continued to launch himself into the sky right alongside our vessel as the second pod made a quick move underneath us and away from Mr. Confidence! The calf was very relaxed as he not only had his protective mum and her escort by his side but over a dozen other Humpback Whales in the general area creating a busy but safe environment for this calf to practice the Language of the Whales™ with great persistence.

The calf then continued to travel towards a yearling Humpback further ahead and it wasn’t long before they had all joined together and these four whales continued to move towards Rottnest Island while we lost count of breach after breach after breach. After a 2.5 kilometre journey of non stop breaching, understandably this little calf needed a feed so we left him to enjoy a mid morning snack as we met another mother and her calf quietly resting close by. The breaching hadn’t finished though and as we made our way back towards Fremantle we could see all of that earlier communication had attracted many other Humpback Whales to the area with two large males on the lookout for any available female. Counting twelve Humpback Whales all congregating towards the same area we were once again surrounded by Humpbacks and Mr. Confidence beginning his spectacular breaching once again… Perth’s best whale watching at its most exciting on this mornings journey!

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