Perth’s Grand Final Whale Watch

Perth’s Grand Final Whale Watch today was a spectacular morning celebrating the whales of Western Australia as the afternoon welcomed one of sports greatest moments as the AFL Grand Final was held for the very first time in history in Western Australia. The Humpback Whales seemed to know that it was a special day as shortly after arriving in the sighting grounds three seperate pods began to converge as one individual breached repeatedly. Breaching to gain the attention of the other whales, it didn’t take long before all the pods had joined together and we now had seven beautiful Humpbacks swimming straight for our bow! 

The competitive energy amongst them settled as it began to melt into a very social pod as all seven whales seemed to enjoy each others company. Curiously approaching us, they circled along our port side to investigate further. Welcoming us into their pod it was a wonderful interaction as multiple individuals in the pod began to pec slap, tail lob and inverted tail slap all at once. Perhaps they were warming up for the Grand Final celebration ahead, a gathering of so many adult Humpback Whales is an exciting interaction and we enjoyed every moment with these spectacular individuals. Our Pod Member and Marine Biologist onboard Kerryn was supporting her Western Bulldogs today and although it wasn’t to be we look forward to welcoming her onboard tomorrow for big hugs and some happy times with the whales. A very historic day in Western Australia and we are thinking of everyone on the east coast during this time, looking forward to welcoming our east coast pod members back to Western Australia very soon.

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