Pilot Whales Interrupt Orcas Feeding

Pilot Whales interrupt Orcas feeding as they surged towards them only moments after making a successful kill of squid. A beautiful morning greeted us with calm seas and a beautiful blue sky as we made our way to the Patch and only a few moments after arriving Orca were sighted straight ahead. Watching on as B-Slice and his family travelled towards the other half of their pod we could see them regrouping. Blade and his best buddy Wasco raced over to us and began to play underneath our bow with much excitement. The surge began and we watched as the entire family pod charged towards the continental shelf and all need quickly as an oil slick appeared and fresh squid was carried in the mouths of the Orca. It appeared that Cookie’s Pod had also been involved with the hunt and as they just began to tuck into their meal white water charged towards them.

Pilot Whales interrupted the Orcas feeding and began to surge directly towards them and around our stern. Cookie began to tail slap and got her family back together quickly before moving further out of the area as the Pilot Whales took charge. We journeyed with them for a while and watched as they saturated themselves with oxygen before diving, sprinting down the water column in search of squid. After some enjoyable time with the Pilots we rejoined with Cookie and her family as they had now finished their meal and were sleeping. A very special way to complete an energy filled day with many different behaviours and energy levels sighted. We drifted peacefully in the beautiful conditions as the entire Orca family would surface every couple of minutes, swimming in a gentle circle and the relaxed exhale and inhale found us breathing the same rhythm as the Orca, relaxed.

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