Pilot Whales of Bremer Canyon

The fast porpoising movement of 40+ Long Finned Pilot Whales racing across the Bremer Canyon certainly is a beautiful sight. The sleek and magnificently marked patterns of Pilot Whales as they break the waters surface is unique to them and the whole family was on a mission this morning! Giant Wandering Albatross and Flesh Footed Shearwater raced to keep up with the fast moving pod and food was captured somewhere along the journey as the Shearwaters plummeted into the Southern Ocean trying to capture a small morsel.

We also sighted two large Sunfish today and one took the time to take a very good look at us by popping his head above the waters surface and we could see his very big eyes! Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin were also travelling along with the Long Finned Pilot Whales today and it was interesting to observe the behaviour amongst the two species. Pilot Whales are after all one of the largest of the oceanic Dolphin species with the Orca being the largest. Although today we did not sight Orca this is why we guarantee that you will sight the whale species of your tour or you travel again with us free of charge until you do.

Miss Pearl, the Australian Sea Lion who calls the Bremer Harbour her home, had a very good dinner tonight and captured herself a lovely meal of fish. Amazingly she decided to bring her prize over to the jetty as she showed off what she was having for dinner! Be sure to keep an eye open for Pearl next time you are in the harbour.

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