Pilot Whales Steal the Show

Pilot Whales steal the show today as we were completed surrounded by 300+ individuals along with Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and of course our magnificent Orca. A beautiful day greeted us and as we began to make our journey out to the Patch we could spot Shearwaters carefully scanning the horizon for breakfast. Shortly after arriving we came across a small piece of squid floating on the surface as one Shearwater did his best to try and break it up into bite size pieces. Ruffles of white water on the horizon first captured our attention and within minutes we were engulfed by Pilot Whales. Happily travelling back towards the Patch, they were beautiful to watch as the entire family pods including new-born calves surfaced right alongside our bow.

Just like last time, the Orca could be found a very similar distance away from the Pilots as the distinctive dorsal fin of El Notcho broke the surface. We journeyed with them into deeper water throughout the morning and early afternoon as they began to forage. The stealthy and powerful movements of the apex predator in search of a much anticipated meal unfolded throughout our interaction. The Pilot Whales greeted us again on our return to the Patch and this time the numbers had converged even more as they were now hunting and we sighted 300+ individuals as we Joined the Pod and spent time completely surrounded by these incredible characters. Joining with them was a smaller pod of Offshore Bottlenose who joined in with the hunt and social activities including breaching, spy hopping and bow riding. A unique and memorable day in the canyon completed with a lovely afternoon watching the cheeky Australian Sea Lions and pups enjoying the sunshine.

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