Popcorn Whales and Augusta Albatross

Today we were watching Augusta Albatross and popcorn whales as all around us breaching, head lunging and peduncle lobs popped. The whales were busy this morning as they moved past Cape Leeuwin to urgently continue their northern migration. Surrounded by Humpback Whales it was fun to keep an eye on the fast surface activity all around as the Language of the Whales™ began to get underway and conversations started to flow. One breach to our left would be followed by an immediate response to our right before the large female up ahead began to pec slap. It felt like popcorn whale watching as they all jumped up at different moments and left puffy white water behind them! There were so many individuals around and it certainly felt like the Humpback highway today as they flowed north in a hurry and the popcorn whales continued up the coast.

A special addition to this marvellous morning was the twenty or so Augusta Albatross stretching out around the boat and the whales. They glided with ease and approached our vessel effortlessly with beautiful clear eyes watching over everyone. Generally we are used to sighting so many Albatross out in the Bremer and Perth Canyons, further offshore and in prime hunting grounds. Today was extra special to sight so many of these magnificent birds and Augusta is a special place, being the most south western point of Australia means we jut off the coast and have the opportunity to sight these offshore species so close to the mainland and so many of them!

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