Predators of the Bremer Canyon

Predators of the Bremer Canyon were on the hunt today as a Hammerhead Shark, lone bull Sperm Whale and Orca were on the lookout for their next meal. Autumn has certainly arrived a bit earlier than usual as perfectly calm days have us feeling as though we are travelling on a lake rather than the Southern Ocean! Sharks abound in these waters and with many opportunities of food filtering through it was lovely to observe a very curious Hammerhead Shark making his way directly towards us with interest. Skimming across the surface, his strong dorsal fin swept from side to side as he approached for a closer look and it was a great opportunity to observe a top predator. Calm days are also perfect for spotting rubbish and these pristine waters very rarely hold much trash which is a good thing, but the occasional bit of rubbish can be found.

A corner of a styrofoam box was floating past with a Bridled Tern having a quick rest on it temporarily. Bubbles, Josh and Jade all did a wonderful job of securing the rubbish onboard and it appeared to have only recently entered the environment with no growth so great to get it back out of the environment quickly. A very large male Sperm Whale today was incredibly relaxed as he rested on the waters surface and appeared to have all the time in the world to prepare for his next foraging dive. Lifting his fluke gracefully as he slipped below the surface we took the opportunity to deploy our hydrophone and within moments could hear the distinctive tik, tik, tik of the echolocating Sperm Whale ring through our vessel. Listening to him feed below was extremely exciting and a privilege, what a remarkable creature they are to spend time with and observe. The apex predators of the Bremer Canyon were back in town today as the Orca cruised in the calm conditions. Displaying their strength, size and streamlined bodies as they slipped through the picture perfect ocean and sunshine. Celebrating with champagne on the way back home it was the perfect way to complete a perfect day with the predators of the Bremer Canyon.

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