Pretty Woman

Fantastic experience today as we watched a very Pretty Woman (Whale) call in all the boys from around the bay with confident Pec Slapping which released a scent and drove the male Humpbacks crazy! They were breaching, head lunging and trying everything they could to show off to the beautiful female Humpback and try to win her heart.

A few big male Humpbacks raced past our vessel trying to push the other male away from the female and you could clearly see all the scarring and marks that were on the flanks of these big males who have had many a competition over their lifetime so far. Even the baitfish were nervously jumping with so many active and excited Humpbacks racing around at great speed and with incredible energy!

ID Log
Date – 15.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 24. 95 Long – 115 . 14 . 75
Notes Male Humpback who was moving towards/joined competition pod – unique markings