Queen of the Bremer Canyon

Yesterday we may have met the King but today it was time for the Queen of the Bremer Canyon to arrive as she brought along her granddaughter little Stormy to socialise with us and Maleko’s family pod in the canyon. Arriving we scanned the horizon and could sight Shearwaters circling ahead with blows following shortly after when suddenly a loud whoosh could be heard just behind. Turning to our left the unmistakable dorsal fin of Split Tip skimmed the surface as she beelined us and swam below our bow. Leading us to the family she collected Stormy who excitedly followed as Queen swam directly towards our bow once again and showed off her precious family member. After a big feed yesterday it appeared that it was social time in the canyon and we watched on in interest as Queen and Stormy moved off together as a pod of 40+ Pilot Whales swam up from behind us. Seeming to seek a bit of protection, Queen moved away from the Pilot Whales and approached Maleko and his family pod who greeted their arrival and within a few moments Queen had Stormy and three other calves rolling all over her! She swam again to our bow and gently allowed the curious calves to observe us before they continued their game of wrestling, spy hopping and little fluke slaps. A fantastic day to observe the social behaviour amongst the different age groups, the importance of family for Orca is paramount.

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