Raining Whales

Its Raining Whales! In excess of 50 Humpback Whales moved through Flinders Bay today as we watched the misty exhalations fill the bay and the energy of so many fellow whales around had our Humpbacks buzzing with excitement. Many competion pods, bachelor pods and even a few cheeky juveniles were busy socialising and competing as the local pod of Bottlenose Dolphins joined in on the fun. Surface behaviour, playing in seaweed and two Humpbacks back to back pec slapping were some of the very special moments of todays encounters.

We are right in the middle of the Northern Humpback Migration and seeing wonderful numbers of healthy adult whales moving through the bay. The size of the Western Australian Humpback population is the biggest in the world and continuing to grow each year and with that news our smiles grow bigger and bigger each year too! Our oceans depend on many different factors to maintain a healthy environment and our whales are the guardians of our oceans giving back more than they ever take during their entire lifetime.