Rare Southern Bottlenose Whale & Calf

A rare Southern Bottlenose Whale and calf were sighted today in an extraordinary moment in the history books for Whale Watch Western Australia, a brand new baby Southern Bottlenose Whale calf off the coast of Western Australia is not something you will see many times in a lifetime! The calf surfaced alongside his mum not far from our vessel with one of our keened eyed guests posting the pair out straight away. A quick sighting on their first surfacing meant we were in a perfect position to view the minimal surface time of both mother and calf as they replenished their oxygen levels. We watched on in complete awe of the two very special whales alongside us, here was a brand new calf who in only a few moments time would disappear back with mum to the depths of the Bremer Canyon. The deep water is a much safer place for the pair with powerful Orca pods capable of causing distress for mother and calf it is best to keep surface time to the minimum and remain in safe locations throughout the canyon. A very special moment that we will always treasure and a privilege to meet both mother and calf on a very beautiful day in the canyon. An enormous Sunfish, Bronze Whaler Shark, cheeky NZ Fur Seal, beautiful Lion Mane Jellyfish, Shearwaters munching on squid and another quick sighting of three possible Hectors Beaked Whales from  the same pod on Wednesdays tour were further highlights to our day.

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