Research & Educational Blogs

Here in our educational blog posts, we try to answer common questions as well as providing information on whale watching spots throughout Western Australia. 

Responsible Whale Watching

Responsible whale watching takes patience and a full understanding of The Language of the Whales™ to understand how we must

The Cetacean Blowhole | Whale Nostrils

Whale Watch Western Australia has a fascination with whale nostrils and it is what is exhaled from the cetacean blowhole

Fremantle’s Best Whale Watching – 27 Whale Competition Pod

Our Whale Watching tour out of Fremantle today revealed some of Fremantle's best whale watching we have witnessed this southern

The Fascinating Humpback Whale Barnacle

Breaching on the horizon first captured our attention as we moved towards two pods communicating The Language of the Whales™

Dolphins Survive Shark Attack

Dolphins are fast, powerful and acrobatic marine mammals and throughout their lifetime they will inevitably find themselves face to face

Why Do Humpbacks Have Scarring?

The daily tours we enjoy with our whales provides the opportunity to meet many different individual whales and one question

The Art of Whale Watching in Western Australian

Whale Watching of Western Australia Whales does entice excitement and wonder from humans and it is easy to see why

Blue Whale Facts

The Blue Whale is the largest mammal to have ever graced this planet, yet so little is known about their

Why Do Whales Become Stranded?

The sad loss of seemingly healthy whales and dolphins who strand themselves on beaches around the world is always very

Bremer Canyon Commonwealth Marine Reserve

The Bremer Canyon is unique and no other submarine canyon in the world is the same. The largest known congregation

Why Do Orca (Killer Whales) come to Bremer Canyon?

The deep waters found in submarine canyons around the world are a unique ecosystem that attracts the entire food chain.

Whale Watching in Perth

Whale Watching in Perth each year is very exciting as the Humpback Mother's are returning with their calves from the

All Day Whale Watch Nutrition

It is a full day in the Bremer Canyon and our guests nutrition is paramount to keeping up the energies

Whale Watching in Augusta

The picturesque town of Augusta in Western Australia is a sanctuary and meeting place for two of the greatest whale

Weather in Bremer Canyon

Weather in Bremer Canyon is an important part of your experience when visiting the Orca of the Bremer Canyon. The