Rottnest Island Humpback Migration

Rottnest Island Humpback migration today as we ventured out towards the sighting grounds off the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. A beautiful morning spent on the calm turquoise waters with a light breeze, perfect conditions to spot a mother and calf pod migrating towards Rottnest Island. We spent our morning building a relationship and learning the Language of the Whales with this curious Humpback mum and calf. Her young calf was rolling around a bit more than he needed to as he showed off to us with his go to move the starfish, twisting all the way round so he was belly up with his gorgeous glowing white tummy just under the surface. Mum didn’t seemed phased at all as she calmly cruised along with her calf, it appeared she was used to having her youngster practicing his party tricks during the journey south along the coast.

Our mother Humpback was looking very crisp and clean after heading north to warmer waters all that old skin had shed giving her a brand new layer to take on the next feeding season down in Antarctica. Only a few weeks left till our Humpback Whales will be feeding away on tonnes of krill getting ready for another migration that begins late next Autumn. A beautiful mum and calf pod with matching big white bellies and curious characters we found it hard to leave them, with one more starfish from our little calf we slowly started to make our way back towards the Fremantle Fishing boat harbour. We will head out again tomorrow to see our Rottnest Island Humpback migration and complete as much of our daily research as possible before the last of the whales head south. Hoping to add as many new ID’s to our catalogue as we can so going forward we can continue to learn more about these incredible whales and their extraordinary migration.

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