Rottnest Island Humpbacks Secret Women’s Business

We were greeted today by six mother and calf pods who were sighted in-between Rottnest Island and Hillarys Boat Harbour. The mother Humpbacks were up to secret women’s business as they taught their calves the art of flirtation today. Pex slapping and a couple of breaches were being learnt by one female calf who was easily identifiable as she rolled and showed us her belly only a few metres away from our bow.

We were then approached by two mums who decided to bring their calves over for a little bit of investigation. As they swam circles around our vessel we were not prepared for what was to happen next… a super breach by the big momma who was only 20 meters away from our bow. The reason for this enormous breach was not only to get a good look at as but one of the nearby females and her calf had ventured over to see what all the fuss was about. The resulting breach was a moment we will always treasure and it was a magical day out with these incredible mums and their secret women’s business!


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