Rottnest Island Whale Watching

Rottnest Island Whale Watching was incredible today as we witnessed breach after breach and were surrounded by Humpback Whales as over thirty Bottlenose Dolphins joined in on the fun! A special morning which started off very peacefully as we enjoyed the company of mothers and calves resting quietly in the shallows. The importance of these resting grounds is vital to the survival of calves, ensuring that mothers and their little ones always have a safe place to rest. We decided to move up towards Rottnest Island and met the most beautiful female Humpback and her gorgeous calf. She launched into magnificent breaching and her calf was inspired to practice a breach of his own. Noticing a relatively fresh wound on her fluke, this was a shark bite! Ouch, thankfully this wound will heal well and the unique marking on her fluke will be recognisable.

It was such a beautiful day we decided it was the perfect time to circumnavigate Rottnest Island and we cruised on around beautiful Wadjemup (Rottnest Islands traditional name). It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by Humpback Whales as many bachelor pods were moving past. Surface activity erupted all around as numerous pods pec slapped and breached repeatedly. The Language of the Whales™ was well underway in most spectacular fashion! Suddenly, over thirty slim and silvery dorsal fins broke the surface as our local Wadjemup Bottlenose Dolphin Pod approached the area. The two passing Humpbacks decided to interact as loud trumpeting and gracefully tail dives were sighted as they tried to outmanoeuvre the Dolphins. Meanwhile over to our starboard side the young male Humpback continued to breach his way towards us and it was a perfect way to complete Rottnest Island Whale Watching on another amazing day in WA.

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