Rottnest Island Whale

Rottnest Island Whale Watching with a magnificent pod of young adults who spent over an hour performing the most beautiful surface display as they communicated the Language of the Whales™. Our first sighting was of a resting mother and her calf who were taking it easy on this Saturday morning and making the most of an opportunity to sleep in. Closer to Rottnest Island an entirely different energy was taking place as pec slapping waved us over to this very active pod. Looking carefully we could see that both whales were young adults and both in fantastic health with some good weight on even at this late stage of the migration path. Calling out to all those who were listening, we observed graceful pectoral fin slapping and powerful fluke slapping for over an hour. These two whales wanted to be heard and the consistency of this spectacular conversation was mesmerising and they repeated the behaviours over and over again.

The Language of the Whales™ is used amongst Humpback Whales and interpreting the conversation at the time it is happening is most important. Today we could note that both of these whales were calling out to see who else was in the area around them, perhaps looking to socialise. Their persistence was incredible but besides ourselves and the Water Police who stopped by for some Rottnest Island Whale Watching this pod did not attract the company of any other pods in the area. The reason for this was likely because all of the other pods in the near vicinity appeared to be mother and calves, not overly interested in socialising with two active adults. It was a lovely morning though and both whales seemed to enjoy stretching out those long pectorals and wide fluke to soak in the sunshine amongst the chilly breeze today. It was very interesting to observe that the male in this pod enjoyed lifting his fluke into a traditional tail slap pose before pivoting sideways, creating a spectacular splash and landing. A very enjoyable morning off the coastline of Perth Rottnest Island whale watching with these superstar Humpbacks!

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