Rottnest Island Whales

Rottnest Island Whales surrounded the famous island today as we witnessed breaching and pec slapping amongst the conversations that unfolded around us. Our first sighting was activity on the horizon as plumes of white water could be sighted bubbling away, these pods were busily communicating amongst each other. Arriving in the area we could sight three seperate pods, two in particular were most focused on each other as the pod to our left breached, the pod to the right returned with repetitive pec slapping and tail lobs. The conversation between these two pods continued for the next fifteen minutes as they established further knowledge of each other. Eventually they decided to move in opposite directions and this may have been encouraged by the large ferry currently completing stability surveys before being prepared for dispatch to Japan.

The large, 50+ metre vessel can travel in excess of 30 knots which is incredible power, noise and speed for a boat of that size. The whales responded cautiously, continuing on with their morning but carefully observing the movements of this ferry. Once the ferry had departed the area we could see the energy changing again, it was inevitable with so many pods around this morning. Pec slapping erupted close to Rottnest Island which roused a sleeping Humpback from the shallows, she launched into breach after breach in response. Seeming to be well rested and refreshed, this female was now in the mood to find a companion. Her breaching and powerful pec slaps were repeated and it was a beautiful display of the power and grace observed in the Language of the Whales. She did get a response, one of the pods we had been with previously had now ventured into this area but were hesitant in getting too close to this actively noisy female. Preferring to keep a lower profile, they quickly approached her before moving off as we wished our female well in her search of a companion as she continued to wave goodbye in the sunshine.

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