Rottnest Whale Adventure

Rottnest Whale Adventure it was today as we encountered a powerful competition pod underway off Rottnest Island with over twelve male Humpbacks competing for a females attention. Our morning firstly began with the busy bees hunting just off North Mole as the local Bottlenose Dolphins paused breakfast preparations to come over and say good morning. Shortly after, three gorgeous mother and calf pods were sighted as they were relaxing in the resting grounds. One of the young calves and his mum swam directly towards us before popping up right underneath our bow. It was one of the cow/calf pods from yesterday who had recognised the sound of our vessel and came over to say hello. The calves are starting to became a little more surface active and today a couple of baby breaches were sighted much to our delight.

The horizon lit up with the powerful exhalations of competing whales and our Rottnest Whale Adventure was about to go up a gear. The higher intensity of males competing for the attention of a female is unbelievable as they throw their weight around. The female often encouraged them by regularly pec slapping, creating a wonderful sound as each one ton pectoral landed on the surface with a huge splash. Using our vessel as a block, the males would push into and up underneath us while bubble veiling and chin slapping to display dominance. Eventually one male did maintain his primary escort position and the pod slowly bubbled down to social interactions after a busy start to the morning. An absolutely perfect way to enjoy the last of the beautiful weather with some wonderful whales just off the coast of Rottnest Island

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