Rottnest Whale Tour

Rottnest Whale spotting is where we found ourselves today and as the tall exhalations of Humpbacks were spotted on the horizon a competition pod was getting underway. Two large adult Humpbacks were busily following a smaller female who led them on a big chase just off Rottnest Island and the energy levels were increasing. Pushing, shoving and jostling for position as these males displayed their strength towards each other and swam powerfully alongside us. We couldn’t help bust notice the other Rottnest whale pods popping up all around us as 15 other Humpback Whales all began to converge towards the same area.

The competing males realised that further competition was on the way and as the pod of three grew to five they moved underneath us in an attempt to keep the female away from the others. Their hope for a distraction was answered as two juveniles began to communicate The Language of the Whales™ towards each other with head lunging and breaching. It gave the competition pod a chance to escape and as they pulled away we joined with the juveniles and watched a spectacular chain of events take place. One of the juveniles began to head lunge towards us and each time he landed closer and closer until the grand finale was an enormous breach only meters away! The two individuals then met each other as they both raced underneath our vessel.

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