Sally the Wonderous Whale

Meet Sally Wonder, the most wonderous Humpback Whale who delighted our guests onboard with her beautiful character and magnificent surface activity! A young female Humpback who was named by one of our guests onboard after the cabaret character Sally Bowles. Shortly after leaving the Augusta Boat Harbour we could see surface activity filling the horizon with the Language of the Whales™ so we made our way to see what was happening. Upon our arrival we could see a young whale tail lobbing repeatedly and decided to watch a distance away to see what this Humpback Whale was up to. Noticing our arrival she started to make her way towards us when a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins approached and began to play with this friendly whale.

Dolphins and Sally Wonder continued to make their way directly towards our vessel and curiously look at everyone onboard. She then decided to tail lob only meters in front of our bow and lead us on a journey of breaching and pec slapping through Flinders Bay. Every time we stopped following her or moved too far away she would stop, return back to us, breach and continue encouraging us to follow her! A truly incredible encounter with a wonder whale we will always be grateful to have met.

Our morning tour was filled with many Humpback Whales resting, socialising and competing throughout the bay. A large white bellied male rested closely with his female whom he was escorting and both approached closely to check out our vessel before returning back to sleeping. We could see large head lunges in the corner of Flinders Bay and made our approach, arriving just as one pod went left and the others went right. A large male had been head lunging to defend his female from a pod of boisterous young adults who were charging through the bay. Surrounding our vessel and moving with speed we watched the powerful peduncle slaps and an enormous head lunge only meters from the Augusta foreshore and holiday homes… Augusta is one of the most unique places in the world for whale watching!

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