Saturday Crowds

We lost track of how many Humpbacks we sighted today on both our morning and afternoon experiences, it was crazy! The whole of Flinders Bay was filled with Humpbacks looking for a fun time and males busily seeking out available female Humpbacks within the bay. Numerous competition pods were forming throughout the bay as the chase was on and the surface was alive with the big exhalations and energetic splashing associated with competition pods. Dolphins, Australasian Gannets and beautiful Indian-Yellow Nosed Albatross added to what was a marvellous day out on the water.

A young female was practicing her tail sailing with perfect balance as she hung upside down and delicately balanced her fluke above the surface making it look easy! A pod of two mature Humpbacks enjoyed the company of our local Bottlenose Dolphins who raced to the front so they could bow ride the wave created by the rostrum of a 30+ ton Humpback who was moving at 10km per our. Australasian Gannets were filling their bellies full of the plentiful baitfish found throughout the day which had the surface dancing with silvery flecks as they tried to keep away from the perfectly visioned master divers… it was a Saturday filled with life and energy of some of the most magnificent creatures in this world.

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