Saturday Sights

After a few days of bad weather it was wonderful to be out on beautiful Flinders Bay and meeting some of our special gentle giants! A few Humpbacks around this morning but all keeping a low profile, they will be waiting for the arrival of a few other friends returning from their northern migration to the Kimberley’s before they all continue on their way back to Antarctica. Pearl and Mother Of Pearl also said hello today and every moment spent with them is so special.

Mother Of Pearl rolled onto her back a few times and “held” Pearl between her pectoral fins and we have seen her do this a few times but never get tired of watching these incredible interactions between mother and calf. Leeuwi was also sighted today and he is looking so much bigger! We are super happy as this is a good sign he is continuing to grow and as we start to head towards some warmer months it should be a little bit easier for him. Beauftiul big Albatross, Juvenile Australasian Gannets and Antarctic Skua were also enjoying the breeze today☀️

ID Log
Date – 20.8.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21. 83 Long – 115 . 13. 77
Notes – One of pod of three