Scarborough Whale Watching

Scarborough whale watching on a spectacular day in Western Australia as we re-sighted yesterdays pod who were now refreshed and incredibly surface active! Departing Fremantle and cruising through the still conditions, the call went out that we had Bottlenose Dolphins to our starboard side. The youngest members of the local family pod surfaced and we could see that this darling calf is doing extremely well and swimming strongly alongside mum. A quick hello and we were off towards the sighting grounds as the conditions around us seemed to be getting better and better, that was when breaching on the horizon captured everyones attention. Arriving and slowing to a gentle energy we could see that we were now Scarborough whale watching as the beach was in clear view. Surfacing just ahead we could see with much excitement that this was the same mother and calf pod we had spent time with yesterday as the recognisable dorsal of mum was clear.

How wonderful to see that both were doing well and had found a suitably peaceful spot to rest in. After 24 hours of rest and baby having a good feed of milk it was time to practice The Language of the Whales™ in sensational fashion. Upon arriving we could see mother and calf listening in to our approach and very quickly they realised who we were and recognised the sound of our vessel. Moments afterwards baby launched skywards as mum quickly followed and for the next hour we observed breaching, pec slapping, head lunging, tail slapping, peduncle slapping, and inverted tail slapping as the thunder of the whales echoed out into the environment around us. This special pod will forever be in our minds and what a privilege to spend time with them both over the last 24 hours. A perfect opportunity to also collect fantastic photo ID images of both mother and calf, welcome to the pod Summer (mother) and Marjorie (calf).

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