School Holiday Whale Watching

Morning Tour

School Holiday Whale Watching began today in spectacular fashion with blue skies, sunshine and competition pod after competition pod. Moments after departing the harbour this morning multiple blows close to the coast could be seen and as we arrived the momentum of this competition pod was well underway. Seven males were racing after one female as she moved throughout the eastern side of Flinders Bay with great momentum and energy. The intensity never dropped for over ninety minutes these whales competed as they dived in and around the Whale Watch 1 effortlessly. It is always incredible to witness a competition pod but being this close enables a whole different perspective as every exhale, surfacing and pectoral swipe is seen and felt. It was also humorous to see the local dolphins joining in on the fun as the Humpbacks competed these cheeky dolphins raced around at top speeds bow riding the whales rostrum excitedly. We completed our busy morning with the rest of the dolphin family pod as all 15-20 individuals including the new calves came over for morning greetings.

Afternoon Tour

The weather conditions were just as beautiful in the afternoon with a competition pod of seven charging towards the reef line. Similar to our morning tour the momentum was high and as they barrelled towards the reef one whale further away nervously launched into a head lunge and few tail lobs. We were almost certain the female was ready to leave the bay before she sharply turned, straitened for the other side of the bay and took off at top speed. The males charged after her and as they motored across the bay the winds completely disappeared. The whales were now swimming through glassy conditions creating the most beautiful photo and observation opportunity in the picture perfect conditions. The afternoon had a further two competition pods that we joined and found ourselves surrounded by the incredible energy and excitement that comes with competing Humpback Whales. A sensational way to start school holiday whale watching in the South West and we hope to see you onboard these holidays too!

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