Seaweed Facial at Rottnest Island Spa

It was all about the seaweed facial today. Meeting the same mother and calf pod for the third time we were very amused to watch as the little one enjoyed rolling and spy hopping in the abundant seaweed that was around today. Mum had a male escort with her and on this lovely morning the busy pod of three were headed off past Rottnest Island to continue their southern migration after a few days of relax at Rotto. Shortly afterwards we met two big adult Humpbacks and guess who was also enjoying some seaweed facial time! Perhaps we have found the true secret of our Humpback Whales youthful appearance, a regular seaweed facial starting from a young age.

The two adults also had some unique markings with one individual in particular showing a previous encounter with an Orca in her earlier years as the tail fluke was damaged and we could also see familiar rake marks on her fluke. These Humpbacks who survive these encounters must certainly have a story to tell and it is always wonderful to see them so well and living a busy Humpback life after a very close call with the apex predator of our oceans.

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