Seaweed Facial

Have you ever had a 100% natural seaweed facial? Well, we are starting to think there must be some very good benefits because one of the young calves we spent some time with today was enjoying a morning facial cleanse amongst the seaweed that was floating in the tide line! Humpback whales are very sensitive and she seemed to be enjoying the sensation of the seaweed as she rolled around in it at the surface… so much fun. There are a few reports recording Humpback whales playing amongst seaweed and this was a very fun and interesting moment to watch a young calf enjoying the fun of a seaweed bath.


Along our tour we met another cheeky calf who was very curious about everyone onboard often surfacing right next to the boat. While mum was encouraging her calf to keep a low profile as not to attract the attention of any predators or big male Humpbacks close by, it certainly didn’t stop this little one from checking out those strange looking humans on the bow! A calves curiosity often gets the better of them and we can see as they surface the slight tilt of the rostrum as they turn just below the surface to get a better look at everything above the surface.

A few Australasian Gannets were feeding amongst the seaweed and maybe getting a super fast facial as they hit the surface at an average of 80-100 kilometres per hour to dive in and capture their food hiding just below the surface amongst the seaweed. Also noted today on our ID Individual is the mother of the calf we nicknamed seaweed, notice how their dorsal fins are remarkably similar with both showing a slight divot missing

ID Log
Date – 17.10.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – Undisclosed Long – Undisclosed
Notes – Mother and calf that was playing in seaweed, similar divot in dorsal fins