See Blue Whales in Western Australia

Where should you go when you want to see Blue Whales in Western Australia? The Perth Canyon is waiting for you to experience as Blue Whales gather to feed in preparation for the rest of their northern migration towards the Banda Sea. A beautiful day and a very special Blue greeted us as surfacing just up ahead the enormous exhalation filled the horizon. Watching carefully for the next resurfacing a loud whoosh could be heard to our starboard side as the surfacing Blue came up to say hello only a short distance away! Fitting into his rhythm we watched each down/up time carefully and he was very consistent today, surfacing at exactly the same time, every time. Completely relaxed with our company this beautiful Blue even took some time today to investigate us and it felt each time he resurfaced after feeding dive he was getting closer and closer. At the end of our journey together we would be sitting quietly and sure enough, a loud exhalation would surface only 20 meters away, this was one very curious Blue! We sat quietly, watching the worlds largest mammal look back at us with us much curiosity as we had for him. A beautiful individual who we became good mates with as we got to know his inquisitive personality and he enjoyed circling around us during his oxygen saturation time and would surface and swim directly towards our vessel. A very special day to meet such a special Blue in the Perth Canyon.

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